10 plans for the December bridge across Europe


The last months of the year are approaching and many of us begin to look plans for the December bridge across Europe. Plans that in most cases do not pass a week or even less. Knowing that until next year we will not have a long vacation, we look for something not too far away and that allows us to enjoy it in a short space of time.

Plans for the December bridge across Europe

We are going to concentrate in Europe mainly, although we keep an ideal destination outside the continent like Jordan, ideal to travel in 7 days. 10 appetizing places you look where you look at them, offering many of them own activities for these dates such as snow or walks through Christmas markets.

10 Plans for the December bridge across Europe

The order marked is the least, what matters is the desire to travel. I hope you like them.

1 The European city of Glasgow

It may sound strange to name the city of Europe as European Glasgow as if the rest of the Scottish cities were not. They are without a doubt but the architecture of Glasgow is so different from the rest that it seems taken from a central European country.

10 plans for the December bridge across Europe

Daylight hours in Winter are limited and this makes tourism fall to a minimum, a moment that we can take advantage of to truly enjoy Glasgow. A city with a lively nightlife thanks to its splendid university, becoming a full-fledged cultural center. In addition numerous museums of high prestige congregate everywhere as the Kelvingrove Art gallery and Museum or the modern riverside Museum. It is also ideal for children where they will have a great time at the IMAX or the Glasgow Science Center.

10 plans for the December bridge across Europe

Recommended days: 2 + 1

2 Christmas markets in Flanders

There is nothing more rewarding than enjoying the Christmas markets of Flandes. It is as easy as taking a low-cost flight to Brussels and from there take a train with stops in Antwerp, Ghent or Bruges.

Christmas markets in Flanders

Here Christmas is lived in a special way. Streets collapsed with colored lights, Christmas songs, people tasting hot wine under a stove and their cone of chips. It is time to walk and Belgium has the best Christmas markets in Europe.

Christmas markets in Flanders

Recommended days: 5

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3 The Amalfi Coast

The Amalfi Coast It is one of the most beautiful places in Europe and in turn one of the most crowded. In Easter and summer the roads become mousetraps where parking becomes an impossible mission. December is a good month to avoid all this, with all the tranquility that comes from not being able to bathe on the beach and when the level of tourist cruises is lower.

Amalfi Coast - Amalfi

In addition, not everything is to visit villages of legend, the Amalfi Coast is very close to the historic city of Pompeii, the dreaded Vesuvius volcano and the chaotic Naples. Definitely a good plan.

Pompeii Forum Area

Recommended days: 5

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4 The always indispensable London

London is one of those cities that we must see once in a lifetime. Packed with well-known buildings, museums of great interest such as the British Museum and a lot of places of interest that will fill our traveling appetite.

What to see in London in two days

If we go more days and we are not entering historic buildings, we can always choose to visit some of the historic cities that populate the English countryside such as Bath and its famous Roman baths, or the emblematic university cities of Oxford or Cambridge, all accessible by public transport from London.

10 plans for the December bridge across Europe

Recommended days: 3 + 2 (Oxford / Cambridge)

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5 Lisbon and its viewpoints

Lisbon and Sintra have become a classic on both the December bridge and Easter. Its proximity to Spain gives it points and this accompanied by a good gastronomy with a city full of charms, it is not surprising that many people repeat.

Lisbon viewpoints

Recommended days: 3 + 1

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6 Snowshoes in Norway

Norway is wrapped in a thick white blanket in early November and thus remains well into May in many places. Salt does not spread along the roads, not because it prevents damage to the environment but because of its low effectiveness at such amount of rainfall. That's when drivers make use of winter tires or even nails, especially in mountain areas.

Snowshoes in Norway

At this time, the king of Norway sport, the cross country ski, where thousands of kilometers of slopes extend without the need for a nearby ski slope. In addition to this activity are snowshoes, some utensils that we will put under our feet and that will allow us to walk on deep snow paths.

Snowshoes in Norway

A place to practice this activity is in Hemsedal, two hours from Oslo.

Recommended days: 5

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7 Sofia's tranquility

The last time I went through Sofia (Bulgaria) was in the month of March. A very quiet and very safe looking city, well connected and with really affordable prices. So much that traveling from the center to the Airport costs just over one euro.

10 plans for the December bridge across Europe

Buildings erected during the Iron Curtain, vehicles and trains exported from Russia, Orthodox churches and perhaps little color, making all this make us feel in the eighties.

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Recommended days: 2

8 Castles of southern Germany

The eighth is our choice of the year. We visited them years ago and we have such great memories that we will repeat. In addition my memories are under the snow and hopefully we will find them white again, like the fabulous Neuschwanstein Castle.

10 plans for the December bridge across Europe

The good thing about this visit is that we can divide the trip into 2 parts. The first visiting the city of Munich and the second one the area of ​​the castles, accessible by train from the big city.

Recommended days: 5

9 Copenhagen

We love to visit white-dyed European capitals. They give the feeling of visiting another different city, which encourages them to visit them again in summer. Copenhagen is one of them and in winter the flights leave very cheap.


Recommended days: 3

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10 Jordan al fresco

You imagine the desert so warm that you can fry a fried egg on the sand. But deserts also have their winter and Jordan is a good example of this. An example is to walk by Wadi rum less than 10 degrees, spending a few nights touching the 0 degrees.

The best 4 × 4 routes through the Wadi Rum desert

With luck you can see snow in the desert or even in it Petra, although it is certainly not very common. Even so, the number of tourists falls in gigantic proportions, so much so that one can visit places within Petra completely alone.

Places you should see on a visit to Petra

In addition, a hiking route around Wadi Rum at noon is priceless. The sensation of walking on the red sand sheltered with a simple jacket is unique.

Recommended days: 7

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