Classic volcano route (El Pilar Refuge - Los Canarios)


What a wonder the route of the volcanoes on the island of La Palma. Each one will possibly have a favorite country, beach or mountain. If we talked about an island for Travel for free The Palm He would take that award for having one of the most spectacular hiking trails in Spain and possibly the best route of all the Canary Islands, the volcano route at Cumbre Vieja Natural Park. A route that runs through the northern half of the island in a southerly direction, enjoying incredible views of the Atlantic and of course, its neighboring islands, including the imposing and majestic Teide accompanied by the Pico Viejo, the two highest volcanoes of the Canary Islands.

La Palma and the Route of the Volcanoes

Approach to La Palma

After visiting the Volcano I had, one of the last volcanoes to erupt in Spain, we decided to look for a place to place our tent and we decided to do it in the pine forest from where the Route of the Volcanoes begins on the northern slope, the Pilar Shelter.

The Taburiente boiler
El Teide in the distance

Camping in the Pilar Refuge

The night was calm and the next day it got clear, at least at this point, since the custom for these latitudes is that the clouds get stuck in the lower parts of the island, leaving the highest areas clear. This is one of the reasons why he decided to put one of his best telescopes of the world (Gran Telescopio CANARIAS) in the Boys roque, the highest point of the island. The truth is that the island has minimal light pollution in addition to having very clean skies.

Route of the Volcanoes

Download track of the route

As you can see on the map, the La Palma Island It has two main roads. One that completely borders the island and another that crosses it, thanks to a series of tunnels. As it is the latter, the road that we must take to get to the beginning of the route. Subsequently, halfway between Santa Cruz de la Palma and step, we turn off the road LP-203, until you reach a parking lot covered with pine trees, very close to the Pilar Shelter and where barbecues are allowed or allowed. However there is another road that takes us to this same place from Breña Altaspecifically the LP-123 with detour also to the LP-203.

The route begins

The classic route is about 19km long Canaries or 25km until Fuencaliente Lighthouse. Much of the route is down and ascends about 900m, too little to be so long and goes down no less than about 2,200m to the lighthouse and about 600m less to Los Canarios. As you can see, in kilometers it is long, but after all, it is downhill.

Emphasize that the route can be done withtwo vehicles, which would be the ideal option, since it is not a circular route. If we do not have it, the route will be double and we will have to return along the same path that we initially set. In the end we talked about transport.

The volcano route

But do not be scared, the route already starts from a fairly high point and its only point of physical demand is just at the beginning until reaching the summit of the Birigoyo, where we will have spectacular views of the Taburiente boiler , since the rest of the route is quite bearable and suitable for all audiences. However, if the piece to Birigoyo seems very tired ... you can choose to border it, but I do not recommend it.

Route of the volcanoes

Past the crater group in the area of Birigoyo, we continue the path after passing through a crater with a few pines and from which we descend a steep and dusty slope, typical of volcanoes :-D.

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It should be noted that the trails are very well preserved and it is very difficult to get lost. It's amazing how the Canary Government Pampers tourists ... totally exemplary.

The craters of the route

After a few kilometers we arrive at the place that gives its name to the natural park, Old Summit. Famous volcano that erupted in 1971, specifically in one of its cones, the I had. This eruption covered an area of ​​3.1 square kilometers in 24 days. Unfortunately it was also the one that generated the last victim, not by accident but out of curiosity when inhaling toxic gases.

Black hole

The first crater we see is the Black hole and its beautiful lava formations. Be careful when approaching, the edge of this has very steep slopes.

Then we follow the path and in particular this was the area that most moved us, since we couldn't stop seeing lava rivers and one crater after another.

Route of the volcanoes

We pass through the crater of Peach and the Desired until finishing in the San Volcano Martín, in Los Canarios.This volcano erupted in 1646 and caused damage in 6.6 square kilometers, ending this 82 days later. It was here that we decided to turn around and return where we parked the car (by taxi for about € 40).

Route of the volcanoes

Practical data

Duration and Length of the route?

The entire route is about 19 kilometers long, 900 meters of ascent and no less than 1,600 meters of descent, with an estimated duration of 7/8 hours. You have to hire a taxi back, which can be done at any bar in Los Canarios.

When to go?

What a question, is Canary Islands!! Any time of the year is good to visit. However, summer and Easter always bring more visitors, so if you do not want any agglomeration (although this island is relatively quiet), avoid these dates.

A detail unpredictable which may affect the island, although it generally affects more the islands located in the east of the archipelago, are the calimas, wind currents from the Sahara that bring dust from the desert in suspension. This can significantly affect the ability to take good pictures.

How to get?

This can be a small problem, since not all airlines fly to the island, in addition to not having daily flights. It all depends on the place of origin. Many visitors choose to go for Tenerifespecifically to South airport, and from there embark on the ferry to the island. It is sometimes cheaper, but in turn longer.

Tours in La Palma Island

In La Palma you can do many activities, from whale revival, hiking, diving, mountain biking or hiring the transportation on the Route of the Volcanoes.

Island excursions

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