What to see in Florence (6 places you have to know)


Florence is the cultural capital of Italy along with Rome, thanks to such illustrious characters as Miguel Angel, Leonardo Da Vinci, Rafael, Donatelo and Botticelli, among many others. These left an unbeatable artistic legacy and since 1982 is considered World Heritage. Undoubtedly, the things to see in Florence are innumerable, things like the ones we tell you today in Travel for free.

What to see in Florence in two days

In the following article, we have selected a number of places, which we believe are essential. However, the city has many more treasures than we are going to show you here.

1 Ponte Vecchio

On the banks of River Arno, is this unmistakable bridge populated with numerous stores that once were stables and blacksmiths. It is likely to be the oldest bridge in the city, perhaps from Roman times, but the one we can observe today dates back to 1345, after the previous one was destroyed because of a flood. Since then it remains standing and has the honor of being the only bridge that did not end under the waters of the Arno River during the Second World War.

This bridge was a symbol for the lovers, who decided to shield their love by placing locks on the railings of the bridge. Nowadays there are very few of the 5000 that there were of yesteryear, since the local government decided to remove them ... Love Love.

What to see in Florence - Ponte Vecchio

2 Basilica of Santa Maria del Fiore

With a 100% Italian cut and marble cover, the magnificent Florence Cathedral in the Duomo square. Entering can cost us your time so I recommend whenever you visit Florence, buy the Internet tickets to save your queues.

What to see in Florence - Duomo

3 Palazzo Vecchio

Fourteenth-century palace built to house government offices. Later it was home of the Medici Family before moving to the Pitti Palace. Today it continues to house offices of the local government among which is the office of the mayor.

What to see in Florence - Palazzo Vecchio

4 Gallerie dell'Accademia

The gallery building may not be beautiful, but the treasures that are housed there are an essential element to visit, even if you don't like museums. There is the famous David by Miguel Angel, armed with a sling before facing the giant Goliath.

What to see in Florence - David de Miguel Angel

5 Piazza della Signoria

The Signoria SquareIt is a true open-air museum with a multitude of original statues and some replicas of the Accademia Gallery. Perhaps the most remarkable is the bronze sculpted statue of Perseus with the head of jellyfish freshly started

What to see in Florence - Piazza della Signoria - Perseo

6 Uffizi Gallery

Another gallery that I recommend you book online. In it are pictures as famous as The Annunciation by Leonardo Da Vinci, the Bacchus de Caravagio or La Primavera de Botticelli.

What to see in Florence - Uffizi Gallery

As an end point to our visit it would be advisable to move to the Michelangelo Square late in the day From there we have the best views of the city and we can enjoy a relaxing theater and street music session while having an ice cream.

Practical data

Practical data

Before leaving for Italy

  • Search and compare flights at the best price
  • Lonely Planet Guide
  • Airport Transfers
  • Car rental found a 15% discount
  • The best excursions in the area

Spanish tours in Florence

In Florence you can do infinite tours in Spanish. From an excursion to San Gimignano, Siena and Chianti to take guided tours of the academy and the best galleries in the city.

See Spanish tours in Florence

When to go to Florence?

Florence is beautiful any time of the year. Perhaps a little cold in winter due to the humidity produced by the river, but also quieter since it has fewer tourists.

How to get to Florence?

Florence has its own airport, but small. This is an indication that flights are not especially cheap, so many of its visitors come from Pisa or Bologna, going down by rental car or public transport to the city.

Touring the historic center of Florence is relatively simple. It would be enough to place ourselves in the Ponte Vecchio and from there take the Via Santa María. This street is the epicenter of the city and is changing its name as you go through it, having access to most of the emblematic places of the city.

More information at the Florence Tourist Office.

Where to sleep in Florence?

It is best to look for accommodation on the Internet and not take surprises. There are highly recommended hotels in Florence, but a tip, book a long time, in Florence there are many events that raise prices.

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