The best waterfalls in Slovenia


Slovenia waterfalls. Slovenia It is a country that stands out for a sublime natural beauty, among which are the hundreds of waterfalls They are spread throughout the country. Today we propose a visit to those who in our opinion have seemed the most beautiful and located all of them in the western slovenia. Without a doubt, they are places that you should not miss on your trip to this small, central European country.

Slovenia waterfalls - Virje

The best waterfalls in Slovenia

Kozjak waterfall

Close to the town of Kobarid and after a short 30-minute walk from the Koren campsite, we will arrive at the Kozjak waterfall. It is perhaps the most visited waterfalls in Slovenia and in turn the most beautiful and enigmatic. Under its crystalline waters, bathing is allowed, but this is only recommended for the bravest, since the temperature of the water and the low light entering the canyon does not help much. Don't forget flip flops If you want to approach the edge of the waterfall.

Slovenia waterfalls - Kozjak

Several wooden walkways have been installed to facilitate access to the waterfall, mainly in times where water made its visit almost impossible. It is also possible to access the waterfall from Magozd, but the steep difference in the route makes it almost empty. Both accesses are free.

Boka waterfall

It is one of the highest waterfalls in Slovenia, thanks to its two jumps of 106 and 30 meters respectively. Another detail to keep in mind is that it usually has a lot of water throughout the year and is therefore visible from the road that joins Bovec with Back.

Slovenia waterfalls - Boka

There are two different routes to be able to approach the waterfalls. Simply one that goes on the left side of the river and another on the right side. Each of them starts from the ends of the bridge that crosses the Boka, from the same main road. Both have a strong slope and in summer the heat is exhausting. I recommend you do the one on the left side to have the best views and the best yet, the whole journey is under a pleasant shadow.

Cascade of the Savica River

It is the only one that is not located in the contour of the Soca River, but on the banks of Bohinjsko Lake, the largest in the country. It has a cost of 2.5€, given that the path that runs between the parking lot and the waterfall is very well paved. Act for almost all types of audiences capable of a small 20 minute walk.

Slovenia waterfalls - Savica

The mini trekking is a good opportunity to make a contact with the beautiful Slovenian forests. In fall It must be spectacular.

Virje waterfalls

Of the least visited waterfalls in Slovenia, but in my view, spectacular. The place where it is is literally beautiful, just 5 kilometers from Bovec, in the direction Pluzna (road cut) and at the foot of stage 25 of Alpe Adria Trail. But don't worry, you can arrive by car and then walk for 15 minutes.

Slovenia waterfalls - Virje

Unlike the previous waterfalls, there was no one in these. They were for us alone. Can you imagine a bath under those crystalline waters?

Gorge of the Soca River

Maybe it's not a waterfall as such, but it's worth your visit. He Soca River It is in many places, but the most spectacular place is located halfway between Thirty and Bovec.

After crossing a wooden bridge where the beginning of the Gorge is marked, we can walk for 30 minutes along the network of trails parallel to it. However, be careful in the rainy season because sometimes they slip a lot and there is hardly any protection in the face of the narrow canyon.

Slovenia Waterfalls - Soca River Gorge

Mrzli Potok waterfalls

The waterfalls of Mrzli Potok They are the most inaccessible of them all. Located midway in stage 26 of Alpe Adria Trail, between Dreznica and Tolmin, there is only one way to be reached and it is after a long walk of several hours. Too bad we arrived after a thick fog.

Slovenia waterfalls - Mrzli Potok

As an anecdote, there is no path from the path of Alpe Adria Trail, so you have to engineer them to reach them. This is because the last winters have worsened the state of the roads by falling numerous trees on them, mainly due to the ice and the short roots of the trees.

Practical data

When to go?

The best time to visit the waterfalls of Slovenia is during the months of April to November, just when the snow stops covering the green Slovenian fields. In winter some of them are practically frozen, so it promises to be a real spectacle, but the road conditions will be much more complicated.

How to get to Slovenia?

After looking at several ways to arrive by plane, definitely the cheapest option is to travel by Venice (Italy), Trieste or even Treviso. There are several companies low cost They travel there at very competitive prices. Then to get to Slovenia, it would be enough to take the road in the directionSad and from there to Ljubjana. We have about an hour and a half of travel to the border.

If we don't have a rental car, there are shuttles which take us from the airport to anywhere in Slovenia. We used Go Opti, and it went really well, super punctual.

Where to stay?

We have stayed in the following establishments and believe me, they are sure success. Slovenian food and hospitality is unparalleled.

  • Hotel Mangart in Bovec. Modern and impeccable rooms. Outdoor pool 😀.
  • Tourist Farm Kranjc in Kosec. It has a scandal dinner ...
  • Pension Rutar in Tolmin. Very central.
  • Hostel Pod Voglom in the Bohinj Lake. Just a few meters from the lake and with many possibilities (rafting, kayaking, canoeing, hiking, mountain biking, ...)

What to wear

Comfortable footwear, since access to most of them requires a small walk. Another detail is the water, which although it seems a lie, there are no sources and the heat in summer makes it miss a lot. As a last tip, take a swimsuit... maybe you bathe in an idyllic place.

More information?

Do not hesitate to check the website of the Slovenian Tourist Office or the application Slovenia Top 50.

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