Perito Moreno Glacier Tour from Calafate


If there is a world-famous glacier that is the Perito Moreno, the most visited glacier in Argentina and the most demanded excursion in Calafate, in the heart of the Patagonia. For many it is the glacier, as it is, for others the perfect excuse to travel to Argentina.

Visiting the Perito Moreno

Knowing the Perito Moreno

The frequent breaks, the sound of the ice when it breaks and its fall towards the Argentino Lake They have made Perito Moreno one of the most visited places in Argentina. It is a classic to say that it is one of the places to see in Argentina, yes or yes.

The Perito Moreno is a dynamic glacier, a glacier that always looks, and is, in motion. It is the most famous of Glacier National Park, possibly because it is also the most accessible. It measures about 30km long by 5km wide, it has an area of ​​254km2, when Buenos Aires, the capital of Argentina is 202km2, and since 1986 it has lost in length and in width, it is last reducing 3 km, yes, it travels every day 2.2 meters :).

Before visiting the Perito Moreno

In the preparations for your trip you have to know the season to which you go, if it is high or low, since that will make you have to plan more or less your visit and even buy in advance certain excursions.

When you go to the Perito Moreno keep in mind that you are going to perform two activities safe. One of them is the tour of the different routes that link the catwalks that they have built in front of the glacier, that the truth is very good, and a tour in ship or in kayak next to the glacier.

Recommendation. Buy tickets in advance

Consider the season. In low season there you can hire excursions, but in high season do it well in advance, since tours and boats are almost always full. A good option is to hire it before leaving, in addition these excursions include transport to Calafate, something that is usually quite expensive.

Book tour Perito Moreno

Other tours in Calafate

What will you see on the excursion to Perito Moreno?

Walking tours (between walkways)

The best way to know Perito Moreno is on foot, both for its accessibility and for reaching the best views and the most privileged viewpoints. Currently there are 5 routes, each marked by a different color, that run through these walkways through different heights.

  1. Lower circuit. Of 1,100m of travel and with a duration of 1h and 5 minutes. It is marked in red
  2. Forest path. Of only 570m and 45 duration. It is marked in green
  3. Central walk. About 600m and less than 1h long. Marked in orange
  4. Accessible ride. A 565m tour for people with wheelchairs
  5. Coastal path. The longest, 1,200m and that one the port where the boats leave with the viewpoints of Perito Moreno


We recommend both 1, 3 and 5, all with different perspectives and with higher or lower levels.

The boat tours

There are many types of travel and types of boat. The classics are 1h, approaching both the south face and the north face, but never both, since they are not communicated, or those of long haul, which join walking routes or the so-called 4 × 4 safari, which include food and last up to 8h. The latter depart from Punta Bandera.

We did the north face classic and it cost us 700 pesos per person, in a journey of 1h approx. The best face is the north, since they are the highest walls, between 40m and 70m high by 160m deep, something colossal, don't you think?

Boat on the north face

By the way, the boats have an interior area, with many rows of seats and a guide in Spanish that explains the glacier, and an upper part, the deck, where all tourists tend to get together to take photographs and selfies.

Practical data

How to get?

Taxi from Calafate is about 3,000 pesos (round trip), and the taxi driver will wait for 3 or 4 hours. Another option is to hire a tour that includes transportation.

Entrance to Perito Moreno

700 pesos, you can pay by card. Also in the restaurant and in the interior bar. For locals they are 350 pesos or less, especially if you are a student.

If you do not want setbacks at a very affordable price, where they include transportation, you can book it in advance.

Book tour Perito Moreno

Activities in the Perito Moreno

Other options next to the Perito Moreno is the one of the boat both in the south and the north face or the Kayak that for 5,000 pesos travel the north face.

Other tours in Calafate


  • Taxi Airport to Calafate. Between 600 and 900 pesos
  • Rent a car. About 10,500 pesos a Toyota Hilux pick up per day or 3,500 a small vehicle
  • Taxi to Perito Moreno 3,000 pesos round trip

Dine in Calafate

Here are our recommendations.

  • La Zaina. Always up. Traditional food
  • My old man. Dinner for 3 with 3 Patagonian lambs, wine and entree for 3,000 pesos

Travel insurance

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