Erasmus destinations in Europe preferred by the Spanish


Every year thousands of Spaniards have the possibility of embark on an international adventure thanks to the Erasmus grant to strengthen their university education in a enriching experience that combines education, culture and language, making possible the geographic mobility of students belonging to the countries hosted by this initiative.

If you are a Spanish university student, you are probably considering the possibility of apply to this program to achieve your dream of studying abroad, so knowing the favorite destinations of Spanish Erasmus students in Europe, can be of great help to know what can be your ideal destination to embark on this challenge.

Erasmus destinations preferred by the Spanish

Considerations for choosing where to take the Erasmus program

Before applying for an Erasmus destination, you should know what each country can offer you, regarding the prestige of its universities, its academic offer, tourist attractions, accommodation options, prices and transportation. The Erasmus Guide of Liligo is very helpful for this task, where data on cost of living, cheaper airlines and other information of the main Erasmus countries preferred by the Spanish in Europe.

In your decision you must take into account the language factor. It is recommended that you select a destination in which you can perform well at the time of speaking, to get the most out of your academic training.


In Germany the quality of life is high and the costs are similar to those that can be found in Spain, and this is probably one of the many reasons why it is one of the most demanded Erasmus destinations by the Spanish.

Besides, it is a country with an international profile where many of its inhabitants know how to speak English, and even some universities have academic programs taught in that language. Adds the quality of excellence oriented education, with universities that are in the list of the 100 best in the world. In this country, most universities are public, and receive important support from the State.

Brandenburg Gate

Moreover, its tourist infrastructure is widely developed, because it is an emblematic and historical country. One of its sites of interest is the Brandenburg Gate. Its capital Berlin is home to La Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin (HU), a prestigious house of studies dating from 1810.

Germany shares the same time zone as Spain and another great advantage is that the currency of the country is also the Euro, so to undertake towards this destination you will not have to carry out any type of currency exchange transaction. Its best known cities are its capital Berlin, Hamburg, Munich and Frankfurt.


Italy shares cultural similarities with Spain, and is in the list of the main Erasmus destinations selected by the Spanish. This is a place with beautiful landscapes, impressive architecture, and of course, a historical gastronomic wealth.

Although in Italy the official language is Italian, this does not represent a major impediment for Spaniards when it comes to interacting through simple dialogues, because contrary to languages ​​such as English, the language between Spanish and Italian shares similarities. So it is possible that you can learn a lot from the language in just months.

Tourism is one of the main economic engines. In this country there are places of interest such as The Roman Colosseum, Piazza Maggiore and the Tower of Pisa.

Roman Forum

As for its universities, it offers recognized training centers. In its capital the University of Rome ¨La sapienza¨, with an enrollment of more than 100,000 students and that enjoys a large academic offer.

In Italy the official currency is the Euro, so you should not make a currency exchange to travel to this country. The time is the same as in Spain, European Central Time (UTC + 01: 00). Its main student destinations are Rome, Pisa and Bologna.


France is a country full of art and there are no things to see in Paris, which is one of the most visited tourist sites in the world. Every year many Spaniards decide to take their Erasmus scholarship in this destination of great beauty that has a impressive cultural and historical wealth.

The official currency and the time zone are the same as in Spain. Being a neighboring country, geographical mobility is a great advantage for Spanish university students who choose this nation, representing facilities because although the official language is French, it has grammatical similarities with Spanish.

It should be added that as this country receives a high tourist demand, a considerable percentage of the population can speak English as a second language.

Strolling through Paris

École polytechnique, is one of the most recognized French educational centers. Proof of this is that among the ranks of its graduates are former presidents of that country, and an important fact to note is that this institution offers public education and is located in the capital. Without a doubt, the most important place of tourist interest in France is the Eiffel Tower, also in Paris is the Louvre Museum, the Notre-Dame Cathedral and the banks of the Seine.

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