The best of the city of Antwerp (Jewel of Flanders)


Key points in the city of Antwerp. Belgium is a country of modest dimensions that contains a historical / artistic legacy that many large countries would like to have. The city of Antwerp It is one of them, which together with Witches and Ghent the honor of being the most beautiful town inFlanders, no less precious the beautiful cities Walloons.

Key points in the city of Antwerp - Grote Markt - Merchant houses

Key points in the city of Antwerp - What to see in Antwerp

When we think of Belgium we think of chocolate and beer, the comics of Tintin and his dog Milú, but we would never have thought that it is the cradle of chips and that its main set is made with rich mussels. We can enjoy all this in Antwerp, except for TinTin comics that we have in Brussels. However we have a new and different incentive to the rest of the Belgian cities, trade with Diamonds.

With this brief summary, we present a series of key points in the city of Antwerp that in a personal capacity, you should not miss. Certainly some are missing, especially museums, but today we will only talk about places we can visit while we walk.

Cathedral of Our Lady or Cathedral of Antwerp

Completed in 1521, today houses the main religious building of the city. Initially the cathedral was designed to house Two towers instead of one, but after a great fire, the construction of the second tower was canceled because it did not have the necessary resources for its lifting.

Antwerp - Cathedral of Our Lady

Het steen

This castle is perhaps the oldest monument in the city of Antwerp. Located on the banks of the river Scheldt It has undergone numerous changes throughout history, being the last time at the end of the 19th century, giving it a somewhat neo-Gothic style.

Key points in the city of Antwerp - Het Steen - the rock

Grote Markt - Plaza Mayor

Every visit to Antwerp Go through this main square. Located in the old part of the city it was a Great market, hence its name. In fact many of the houses that surround this place belonged to the merchants and many of the main monuments of Antwerp are along this beautiful square.

Antwerp - Grote Markt - Kaasrui

Statue of Silvio Brabo - Grote Markt

This statue has a special history and its protagonist has a lot to do with the name of the city. In the river inhabited a giant of name Druoon Antigoon, which stopped all the ships that arrived in the city, demanding a fee for its passage. He cut the captain's hand if he refused to pay, until one day, a Roman centurion tired of so much barbarism, faced the dreaded giant paying him with his own medicine after cutting his hand and throwing it into the river. Hence the name of Antwerp (Antwerpen) - Ant = hand and Werpen = throw.

Antwerp - Statue of Brabo and the giant's hand

City Hall in Grote Markt

Of clearly Renaissance court, it is shocking to see a shield of the spanish era (Castilla) in the center of the building.

Antwerp - Grote Markt - City Hall

Statue in honor of the builders of the Cathedral of Our Lady

Almost 200 years it took to build the Cathedral. Started in the year 1352, numerous people worked on this colossal project and for that reason, the city council granted them a monument in their honor.

Antwerp - Statue of the masons of the Cathedral of Our Lady

Stroll through the city streets

If you are one of those people who loves to walk, Antwerp It may be your perfect city. Its most central part has private streets where we hardly have any traffic and each corner reserves its own charm.

Key points in the city of Antwerp - Its streets


If you come to Belgium and you don't get a little of his famous chocolate, it's as if you hadn't been here. Perhaps Antwerp is best known for Diamonds, but given its high price, it is better to settle for this kind of culinary luxuries. Remember that stores in Flanders open from 10:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.

Antwerp - Chocolate Shop


Built in the mid-19th century, it houses a huge commercial gallery under a glass dome. As expected, most stores sell jewelry and especially diamonds, one of the most sought after products in the city of Antwerp.

Key points in the city of Antwerp - Central station

Practical data

When to go?

Autumn and winter are the ideal seasons to enjoy a city with little tourism. Being a wet city, the coldest will enjoy the summer months more. In June, for example, the beer festival is celebrated and in July and August there are numerous cultural bets.

Where to stay?

We did not get to stay in the city since we made an excursion directly from Brussels. It is very easy to take a train from there and return the same day.

Where to eat?

More than where to eat, what to eat. Here are our recommendations:

  • Vlaamse Frites (or potatoes) you find them in all street stalls, wrapped in paper and with a lot of mayonnaise. Well yes ... Belgium invented french fries.
  • Wafels in Pannekoeken (waffles and crêpes) with chocolate are delightful.
  • Mosselen met friet (mussels and chips) are served steamed.
  • Pralines (Chocolates) you can't be in Belgium and don't try their delicious chocolates. You can find them in countless stores and I can assure you that you will drop the drool just by seeing their shop windows, rich, rich, rich ...
  • Beer the typical of this region is From Konick, but you have so many varieties that it will be impossible to try them all.

How to get?

He train It is undoubtedly the best option, although there are direct buses from Brussels airport. Check the train schedule in estaweb, which usually depart hourly from the Brussels Central Station to Antwerp.

Within the city of Antwerp we can move by bus or tram. Their tickets We can buy them in the machines that are in each stop or in the transport network of Antwerp.