What to see in Nicaragua in two weeks


What country, what experience, how many things it offers and how little is currently exploited. It is safe and ideal for outdoor sports, visit cities with a Spanish colonial past, bathe in infarct beaches and dive in first-class seabed. This is Nicaragua, and we can do all this in just two weeks.

Coco Beach

What to see in Nicaragua?

Move by car

This itinerary is based if you rent a rental car, something very comfortable and not so expensive after all. Of course, 4 × 4, that roads can play tricks on you. There are many agencies, but we leave you the ones we were seeing.

  • Avis Nicaragua
  • Nicaragua rent a car
  • Toyota rent a car, One 800 $ two weeks
  • National rent a car (National Nicaragua)
  • Rentalcars, the best option to compare prices

A two week trip (Places to visit)

In these two weeks you can see 12 of the best places in the country:

  1. Managua
  2. Cerro Negro volcano
  3. Lion
  4. Juan Venado Reserve
  5. Masaya Volcano
  6. Escalante River
  7. San Juan del Sur
  8. Ometepe Island
  9. Pomegranate
  10. Bluefields
  11. Pearl Lagoon
  12. Little corn island

In the previous links you have more information about each stage of our trip through Nicaragua

Nicaragua map

Nicaragua Map

Travel insurance

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Itinerary for two weeks

15 days or two weeks give for what they give, but few trips will allow you to do as many things as in this one, you'll see !!!

Day 1

Normally you have to spend the first night in Managua and the truth, with one night is more than enough. The next day you can do several activities, from surfing on a volcano, seeing a colonial city like León and watching the dusk of the Pacific having a Toña, the beer of Nicaragua, in front of its beaches.

  1. Managua - Leon
  2. 2h visit to Lion (more than enough)
  3. León - Cerro Negro
  4. Sandboarding in Black hill
  5. Cerro Negro - Las Peñitas - Juan Venado Reserve
  6. Sleep in Las Peñitas

Day 2

If you get up early you will have the opportunity to see flock of birds in the reserve to then take your car and make a small trekking in the Masaya volcano. If you hurry you can reach the Shipyard without problems through a 4 × 4 track where you will have to cross several rivers, as in the Camel Trophy.

  1. Visit at dawn to theJuan Venado Reserve
  2. Juan Venado Reserve - Masaya Volcano
  3. Visit and light trekking toMasaya Volcano
  4. Masaya Volcano - El Astillero (Escalante River)
  5. Sleep in the Shipyard

Day 3

In the early morning you will have the opportunity to see a multitude of turtles, rest and get up early to go surfing in San Juan del Sur.

  1. Escalante River (at dawn to see the turtles)
  2. Escalante River - San Juan del Sur
  3. Surf and beaches inSan Juan del Sur
  4. Sleep in San Juan

Day 4

It's time to go to the Ometepe Island, but first you have to take a ferry in Rivas. It is arriving with the car and ready to board. The afternoon can end up kayaking around the island.

  1. San Juan del Sur - Rivas
  2. Rivas Ferry - Ometepe Island
  3. Kayak in theOmetepe Island
  4. Sleep in Ometepe

Day 5

Trekking day in the jungle of Ometepe to end in the crater of the Maderas volcano.

  1. Trekking toMaderas volcano
  2. Sleep in Ometepe

Day 6

We leave paradise to go to Granada, the most beautiful city in the country.

  1. Ometepe Island - Granada
  2. Visit to Pomegranate
  3. Sleep in Granada

Day 7

The Caribbean awaits us, and in order to arrive there are two options. The bus + ship, cheaper and bigger adventure, or plane. It's up to you.

  1. Granada - Managua
  2. Managua - Bluefields (by bus or plane)
  3. Sleep onBluefields

Day 8

Yesterday can be a small beating if you go by bus and by boat, but after resting in Bluefields you have to set course in panga towards the Pearl Lagoon.

  1. Bluefields - Pearl Lagoon
  2. Pearl Lagoon
  3. Sleep in the Pearl Lagoon

Day 9

They say that people who live in the villages Miskitos They are more blue than normal. They are people of color with a culture and customs very different from the people who live inside, a place to know.

  1. Views to the reserves of thePearl Lagoon and towns Miskitos
  2. Sleep in the Pearl Lagoon

Day 10

From La Laguna de las Perlas you have to take a panga to Bluefields and from there a plane to Corn Island. You can take a boat, but it doesn't leave every day. The plane is just under $ 100.

  1. Pearl Lagoon
  2. Bluefields - Corn Island
  3. Corn island
  4. Sleep on Corn Island

Day 11

Since Corn island you have to take another panga to the neighboring and heavenly Little Corn. It will not take us more than 2 hours, a despicable time if it is to end up in such an ideal place as this.

  1. Little corn island
  2. Sleep on Little Corn Island

Day 12

  1. Beach and diving in Little Corn Island
  2. Sleep on Little Corn Island

Day 13

  1. Beach and diving in Little Corn Island
  2. Sleeping in Little Corn Island

Day 14

The trip comes to an end, but first you have to take a bath, right ?.

  1. Beach in Little Corn Island
  2. Fly to Managua
  3. Sleep in Managua

Day 15

  1. Managua - Your home

And to finish

When we made this itinerary and arrived in Madrid from the outside it seemed like a small beating, but not at all. It is the advantage of being able to move in a rental car if your budget allows it. For two it is expensive, but for four do not even consider it.

If you move by bus, getting to places like El Astillero will cost you a lot of time, but everything is possible, but I am afraid that in 15 days you will not be able to see so much. Good trip to Nicaragua and travel for free !!! Javier Blanquer