A day on the remote island of Mull (Islands of Scotland)


Our third time in Scotland had to bring news and one of them was to make a day trip through the Mull Island. A very remote place, where the population density is tiny and where the roads are set to go slowly, very slowly. Suffice it to say that traveling 100 kilometers can be more than 4 hours behind the wheel. Therefore it is a haven of tranquility and where by the way there are even beautiful beaches.

A day trip on the island of Mull, Scotland - Tobermory

A day trip on the island of Mull, Scotland

Scotland is made up of hundreds of islands, many of them of considerable size and where time is usually quite hard. Reaching them is not always easy and most of them are reached after spending a few hours on a ferry. The Mull Island For example, it is mainly connected by three ships, two of them of short duration but whose ports are quite far from the most tourist areas. The third option is the ferry that connects Oban with Craignure, whose trip takes approximately 1 hour. Oban is not far fromGlencoe, so it is usually a good option to connect with the island.

A day trip on the island of Mull, Scotland

Our plan was to travel the entire island by car in one day, which we later saw was impossible. At least two full days are needed since the roads are usually one-lane for both directions, having to go to the gutter when a car comes in the opposite direction. This makes going beyond 40km / h impossible on most roads, so we have to be patient and enjoy the landscape because we come to these remote places.

Mull barely has more than 2500 inhabitants and almost half of them live in Tobermory, so the population density is very small.

Mull Island Map

The route departed from the port of Oban with destination Craignure. A tiny town where there are barely a dozen houses and a small supermarket. From there we take north direction to the picturesque town of Tobermory, stopping previously in some coastal places where several ships had passed to a better life.

A day trip on the island of Mull, Scotland

Tobermory is by far the most visited town and the capital of the island. There are several souvenir shops, a good supermarket, restaurants and even a museum. It is relatively small and can be traveled in just 30 minutes. It is perhaps the ideal place to stock up or even eat quietly.

A day trip on the island of Mull, Scotland - Tobermory

From there we take a classic island road in the direction of Calgary. Very narrow and where it is usual to stop to let vehicles that come from the front pass. However, they are low traffic roads and where traveling at low speed is a pleasure, especially when passing over lakes such as Peallach.

Mull Island - Loch Peallach

This area of ​​the island is mountainous but very soft in contour. Immediately one realizes that most of the lands are dedicated to raising cattle and the level of deforestation is very high, something very common in Scotland.

Mull Island - Loch Torr

We arrived to Calgary, a very very small village that in fact I don't think there are more than 50 inhabitants. Even so, his name sounds a lot to a Canadian city. Without going any further, the Canadian city owes its name to a fort that was built just under 200 years ago with the name of Calgary. The reason was simply that a military man spent his summer vacation on the island of Mull, liked the name of Calgary and associated it with the fort.

A day trip on the Isle of Mull, Scotland - Calgary Bay

The village of Calgary doesn't have much, but its beach attracts a lot of attention. A large stretch of sand surrounded by crystal clear waters. Perfect place of pilgrimage for the inhabitants of Mull on the rare sunny days like this.

A day trip on the island of Mull, Scotland - Ben More

We resume the journey and begin to surround the coast, passing very close to the uninhabited islands of Gometra, Ulva and Eorsa (photo above). But don't climb the highest peak of the island (Ben More), just behind the island of Eorsa, it was a pinned thorn that brought me back.

A day trip on the island of Mull - Duart castle

Time was upon us. Our return boat departed at 6:00 pm and we had been traveling around the island for 7 hours. Seeing the time we lost on the road, we decided to return, passing that yes, by the duart castle. In works in that month and whose access costs 6 pounds.

This was our visit to the island of Mull, in just 1 day we saw 25% of the island and that we could not go through the more rugged areas or make a hiking route. Maybe next time.

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Practical data

When to visit the island of Mull?

Summer is the best time, although the climate of the island of Mull is very unpredictable. From my point of view, if the weather is bad, it is not worth the trip since it does not contribute much more to what we can see in Scotland.

Before leaving for Scotland

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  • Airport Transfers
  • Car rental found a 15% discount
  • The best excursions in the Highlands

How to get?

Ferries depart from the towns of Oban, Lochaline, Drimnin and Kilchoan. All from the main island, Great Britain.

What to wear

In summer the temperatures are mild. With a sweatshirt we would go relatively comfortable.

Where to sleep on the island of Mull?

There is little supply of accommodation, but their hotels are not usually overflowing.

  • Graignure Inn: simple rooms with breakfast at a good price.
  • Park lodge hotel: comfortable hotel on the outskirts of Tobermory.

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